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  The speech of Managing Director of KEK, Mr. Arben Gjukaj, during the inauguration ceremony for electro-precipitator of Unit A5









Dear all,

Honored Minister of Economic Mr. Besim Beqaj,

Honored Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Mr. Dardan Gashi,

Honored Ambassador of United States in in Republic of Kosova Ms. Tracey Ann Jacobson,

Honored Ambassador of  France Mr. Jean- François Fitou,

Honored Ambassador of Netherlands, Mr. Robert Bosch,

Honored USAID Director, Kosovo Mission, Ms.  Maureen Shauket,

Deputy Ambassador of German Embassy  Mr. Matthias Kiesler,

Deputy Ambassador of United Kingdom Embassy Mr. Joe Preston

Honored Mr. Çitaku, Chairman of KEK Board of Directors of KEK,

Honored Mr. Keyan,

Representatives of HAMON and INTERING ,

KEK Executive Directors, Collegues,

Dear all here,

Today is one of the most important days for me since I am part of KEK. The reason is simple: We are inaugurating one of the major environmental projects not only within the company but in the whole territory of the country. We can freely consider that from today onwards the residents of Kastriot, Fushe Kosova and Prishtina can breathe easier ever since the power plant was commissioned.

The unit A5 of the TPP Kosova A is now operating at the limit of dust emissions of 50 mg/Nm, which is within the environmental standards set by the European Union for large combustion plants (,2001/80/EC (LCPD). That means that this unit emits in the environment 15 times less pollution than before replacing the ESP.

These assets belong to the citizens of Kosovo and should be treated as such. In light of this, we believed in this project and therefore we made it. We believed when some groups of interests were against the operation of this power plant without offering another alternative for power supply. We believed and we continue to believe that this is the only alternative viable until new generation units are commissioned.

In October of last year when KEK signed a contract with a well known international company Hamon Environmental and Intering, they committed based on contract that the units of TPP Kos A will operate according to the environmental standards set by the EU. The first result has been achieved and you are witnessing it today. On this occasion, I would like to thank the implementing consortium for their professionalism demonstrated in this work despite a lot of challenges that they faced

The KEK management followed this project and inspected the works day by day and week by week until today. Therefore, the completion of this project makes us proud, but we won’t stop with this project only. 

The construction of ESP for unit A3 has already begun and it will be completed by the end of the year, and then we will continue with the unit A4, which means by the end of next year the entire power plant A will finally emit dust within the EU standards. 

The results of the company achieved in the last four years have doubled the financial incomes and made us financially sustainable for the first time after the war. As a result, we have managed to invest more than 25 mil euro from our financial means in order to make the life easier for more than 7 hundred thousand residents after 50 years of operation, the TPP Kos A will operate in another spirit, in the so called environmental fashion (spirit). And this is the spirit that KEK will pursue.

Year 2012 has been announced as the Year of Environment from KEK. This is so because there are investment being made in all main pollutants of the operations. The environmental experts identified four main pollutants and KEK is now investing in eliminating or minimizing pollution from these pollutants.

Apart from ESP, KEK is now completing the wet ash transportation system from TPP Kos A towards Mirash mine. This project has a cost of 8.7 mil euro and WB is donating 1 mil while KEK has invested 7.7 million euros. This project will be completed this year and the pollution due to opened ash transportation system will be zero.


KEK has also started the clean up and land reclamation project financed by the WB and Dutch Gov and KEK. Now the major part of the ash dump near the TPP Kos A has been covered and will be fully covered at the beginning of next year. This project will eliminate the pollution caused by the fly ash.

KEK has already implemented a project for removal of 20 thousand tons of hazardous material from Gasification. The major part of it has been eliminated while the rest of the quantity has been isolated and transported abroad.

In parallel KEK started with planting trees on the overburden dumps and now there are 150 thousand trees planted. By the end of the year we will plant 300 thousand.

All these projects have the value of 50 mil euros investments that makes KEK the leader of environment investments in the country.

By completing this projects KEK is targeting to eliminate pollutions accumulated through one century of work and exploitation in these areas and so will continue to operate in much cleaner manner.















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