Korporata Energjetike e Kosovës SH.A.
Energetska Korporacija Kosova D.D.
Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C.
  Coal Division
Underground coal mining in the Kosova Basin started in 1922 and continued until 1963 when the company changed to surface mining

Initially the coal was excavated from mine KOSOVA and later from mines such as: Dardhishtë, Sibofc, Zgafella e Re and Babushi i Muhaxherëve.  This form of coal excavation continued till 1956 year in MIrashi’s mine initially removing overburden during 1956 while first tones of coal from this mine were excavated in 1958. By increasing generation capacities there was necessary to open Bardhi’s mine.
The works on opening Bardhi’s mine has started with remove of overburden in 1964 year while the first tons of excavated coal started in 1969.
Since 1922 till December 2009 in all mines within KOSOVA Coal Basin was excavated 300.1 million tons of coal.
The actual organisation of coal generation within KEK j.s.c is as follow:
COAL GENERATION DIISION, there are three main working areas:   

  • Existing mines or eastern and western Sector
  • Sitnica’s Sector
  • Mine Sitnica South – West

The coal reserves in existing mine are approximately: 7.1 million tons and there is accepted to be closed during 2012 year.  
Reserves in Sitnica’s sector are: 7.4 million tons.
Reserves in Mien SWS are: 123.4 million tons.
These reserves are foreseen to supply existing generation capacities till 2024 year.
Yearly average generation in CGD is approximately 8.0 million tons of coal per year.

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